Daniel Kepl has been writing classical music, theater, and dance reviews since he was in high school. He founded the Santa Barbara (California) Youth Symphony at the age of 17, was the first conducting major at the California Institute of the Arts, is currently conductor of Emeriti Philharmonic and has been an arts administrator/entrepreneur for decades. Read more

"Incomparable verbal technique, combined with such personal flair - rather like what a great concert artist does to the score with his instrument/voice you do with words."  Dr. Betty Oberacker, Professor Emeritus, Keyboard Program, UC Santa Barbara 
"As an English, public speaking and performing arts professor for 30 years, I truly enjoy reading the works of someone who has such a beautiful command of the English language!"  Jerianne Warren, Professor of Speech, Dance, and Theatre Arts, Mount Wachusett Community College, Harvard, Massachusetts
"One of the best and most knowledgeable arts writers in the region, the writer I have confidence in for his ability to write intelligent, penetrating material."  Adrian Spence, Founder/Artistic Director, Camerata Pacifica, Los Angeles
"The combination of his broad knowledge of arts history and personal understanding of the world of performing artists as a conductor in his own right, makes for profound reading."  Nir Kabaretti, Music & Artistic Director, Santa Barbara Symphony/Music Director, Southwest Florida Symphony
"One of the best reviewers going. Erudite, humble, master of agile prose, unparalleled polyglot in the borderless language of mighty music."  Guy Veloz, Hollywood script writer/producer of An American Tango, the story of his parents, the world-famous film legends of ballroom dance, Velos and Yolanda